It is a Matter of Choice on which Part of our Lives we Place the Accent


Hello everyone,

My name is Sandra Sanada and I wrote this book, the novel I named ”The Training of Joy”. It’s a very special novel for me and it holds a lot of my own experience though I believe it’s your experience as well. We are all living in a world surrounded by all sorts of disasters and we start to believe life is a never ending struggle. We are even afraid of happiness believing something bad would happen to us if we allow ourselves to be happy. And many times, our belief proves itself true. We are not trained to be happy and when we experience this feeling, we feel strange and we cannot control ourselves. We shake, we are very nervous, we panic or we are over-enthusiastic, and our bodies cope hardly with this overwhelming state of mind, leading to the many accidents or bad events associated with the intense state of happiness.

Because we are truly surrounded by a lot of bad news, a lot of drama, many problems, illnesses and so on, we start to believe, being unhappy it’s the normal state of the mind.

When we analyze our lives thoroughly, we notice there aren’t as many problems as we think and every one of us has many reasons to be happy, it’s just that we have to become conscious of it and allow happiness to manifest. This book is a novel, firstly. It’s a love story between a pilot woman and a Tibetan air traffic controller but it’s also a guide of how we can give up living in sorrow and start living in joy.

It is well known that Tibetans brought into the world a real treasure. When they left Tibet, unfortunately against their will, they spread everywhere and shared their beautiful mental principles with the rest of the world. One of the principles they practice in life is the training of the states of joy and happiness of the mind. I had the chance to meet a Tibetan who shared with me some of his culture and taught me how to become happy through training and a few Buddhist techniques.

I’ve learned that it is a matter of choice after all, on which part of our lives we place the accent.

It is painful to see how easy it is for all of us to talk about our misfortunes and how quickly we pass over the good news, over the beautiful events of our lives. I’m sure you know what I am talking about and if you don’t, analyze how you present your life to your friends, how often do you complain and how often do you bring to the fore what makes you happy in any realm of your life? How often do you talk highly about your partner, your job, the way you look, and so on? Is it a habit to emphasize the accomplishments or do you like to analyze the shortcomings and to complain about what you lack? One of the traps we all fell into is the irony regarding the people who talk up about themselves and we all have been educated not to brag about our accomplishments. However, we shouldn’t let ourselves be fooled by this. To brag about something is one thing and to be conscious about accomplishments and to emphasize them, it’s another thing. At least for our mental hygiene, it’s important and necessary to highlight the bright events of our lives and to isolate the dark ones, to keep them to a minimum and to melt them, dissolve them, break them into little pieces until we can turn them into something positive.

Turn on the radio, the TV, read the newspapers and see how many good news you read comparing to the disasters. I don’t try to say that we shouldn’t be preoccupied by the suffering in the world, we should, and more we should help to heal the world, but first we should heal ourselves, learn to choose from our lives events, the good ones and build a happy life based on those good moments. As long as we focus our attention on the dark events, we’ll always be unhappy, but when we learn to insist on the best moments we live and keep the shadows at their minimum we do only one thing, we place the accent of the story on different events and rewrite the same story, with a brighter outcome and a happy ending.

This book is already published on Amazon in both formats, paperback and e-book. Please check the link bellow and see if you’d like to read “The Training of Joy”

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