What if we don’t exist and we are dreamt by someone else?


“I got into my car, which was parked in front of the gate and drove to the nearby gas station. I turned on the music and only a few miles later I remembered to turn on the headlights. I was talking to myself.
Me: Why the hell does this keep happening to me? I cannot get this Tibetan out of my mind and I swear, I swear, I swear I didn’t come here for a love story!
My hands were sweating and my driving was awful. I parked badly, occupying two spots at the gas station where I stopped to buy my whiskey. I took it after I paid with the card and I entered the wrong PIN number twice. The third time I got it right and I managed to pay and I was ready to leave when a spectacular blonde stepped into the store. She was about 20 years old, accompanied by a mulatto, about the same age as her companion. I heard them talking and I found out the blonde’s name was Julia and the other was Anna.
Listening to their dialogue, I became interested in the topic of their conversation and I started studying the offers on the shelves.
Anna: Julia, think about it! What if we don’t exist and we are dreamt by someone else?
Julia: What went wrong again, Anna?
Anna: Listen! We dream, right? And in our dreams, there are characters we’ve never seen before. They have a life of their own, actions and words. We also help them when we don’t like the dream.
Julia: Do you mean God is dreaming us?
Anna: I didn’t say God, I said someone. A great one who maybe sleeps for fifty thousand light years, and for another fifty thousand light years he is awake.
Julia: He should dream of a bigger salary for me.
Anna: We would be in his dreams like the smaller ones in ours. We have a universe and we create a micro-universe in our dreams. The ones we dream of also have dreams in which their own characters create a micro-micro-universe.
Julia: And our dreamer is dreamt by someone else, bigger, in a macro-macro-cosmos. Take an onion, for example. You peel down a layer and it’s still an onion.
Anna: You can compare it to a cabbage.
Julia: An onion!
Anna: Onions smell and sting.
Julia: So what? They’re built on the same principle. You peel the layers one by one, and nothing remains.
Anna: The onion-cabbage is gone, but it’s still there.
Julia: Even if nothing exists…
Anna: It does!
Julia: How can it exist if we are dreamt?
Anna: Every person who is dreamt of builds a material reality.
Julia: But it’s not reality if we are dreamt!
Anna: Yes, it is! It’s a concrete virtual reality! Like those who have virtual sex! Physically, they get a hard-on, in reality, they want to have sex, but it’s virtual because it takes place in one’s imagination.
The girls go out of the shop and I follow them. Anna receives a message on her cell phone and she reads it.
Anna: We’ve been invited to a wedding, Julia!
Julia: Who’s getting married?
Anna: It doesn’t say! Look: “You are invited to the wedding, Friday, at 8 o’clock, 99 Dream Street”.
Julia: Friday at 8 o’clock? It’s Friday, and it’s already 7:30! Your dreamer dreamed an SMS and sent it randomly! Friday, at 8 o’clock, Dream Street… Dream?! I told you! Who else did you intoxicate with your philosophy?
Anna: It’s a coincidence, Julia! Come on, let’s go, please!
Julia: Anna, sweetheart! Who invites you to a wedding half an hour before it’s scheduled to begin? Have you lost your mind? Weddings are announced a month earlier, people prepare, they cook, they go to church… Weddings are part of those boring, well-organized activities. Some couples even have rehearsals!
A taxi stops in front of them. Tenam is behind the wheel. What the hell? I look at the bottle in my hand and it’s unopened. Something is wrong. I walk closer to the taxi, and the three seem to not see me. I open the front door and Tenam looks at the two girls without communicating with me at all.
Me: Tenam?!
No answer. I get into the taxi and sit in the passenger seat. It’s incredible what’s going on and I refuse to lose my mind. Anna tries to convince Julia to get into the taxi.
Anna: Get in! Humor me and get in!
Julia gets in the taxi, followed by Anna. The music is blasting from inside the car. Tenam drives off nauseatingly fast.
Julia: (yelling) Turn the music off!
Tenam: Did you say something, blondie?
Julia: You are no longer my friend!
Anna: What did you say?
Julia: Jesus Christ! Stop the Goddam music!
Tenam: Did you say something, blondie?
Julia: Stop the caaaar!
The car and the music stop. The doors open by themselves, the girls get out, I’m thrown out of the car by an unseen force, and Tenam drives away. The two girls look around at the unfamiliar space, puzzled. I am with them, but they cannot see me. We turn around in all directions, looking for a trace of civilization. We are surrounded by mountains. Julia slaps Anna and Anna responds similarly.
Anna: Are you on your period?
Julia: Only you could get me in a car with such an idiot!
Anna: What did I do? I took a taxi!
Julia: Look where we are!
Anna takes Julia by the hand and starts to drag her with her. I keep up with them. We walk for a long time until we see Tenam’s house in the distance.
Julia: Where are we going?
Tenam: (from nowhere) South, blondie!
We freeze, then Julia breaks the silence.
Julia: Move your big ass!
Anna: (trying her phone) I hate you!
From a distance, we hear a sharp whistling sound. Out of nowhere, it starts pouring. All three of us start running toward Tenam’s house, Anna and Julia soaking wet, I completely dry. A functional lantern hangs on the door of the house.
Julia: It’s the only light around here.
Anna: Anybody home?
Julia: With our proverbial luck, I think we’ll run into Gore inside.
They want to knock at the door but the door opens by itself. Anna jumps and hugs Julia.
Anna: I’m petrified!
Julia: You’re wet! Get off of me!
Anna starts running in the opposite direction.
Julia: Where are you going, crazy? Have you completely lost it?
Anna stops and puts on a foolhardy face, starts walking back with a steady gait, passes by Julia, slams the door against the wall and walks into the house.
Julia walks behind Anna, who has a hero-like attitude and looks around. The door closes behind them. I open the door, walk in normally and I find that no one notices my presence.
Anna: (almost no voice) Hey! Anybody home?
They stop and look at the house. Then, the girls start to move slowly, studying the house in the dark. Anna bangs against a table and lets out a cry.
Julia: Turn on the light!
Tenam, standing idly by, watches, motionless. A chess board is set up on the table, and a huge tomcat jumps up on the board, without disturbing the pieces. I had no idea Tenam had a cat or that he was also a taxi driver. I must have drunk the whole whiskey bottle, and now I’m sleeping in a ditch, dreaming. This can’t be happening.
Julia: Switch on the light! What the hell!
Julia stares at a fixed point, while Anna turns on the light.
Tenam: I’ve been expecting you!
Anna’s courage disappears and begins to pull back to the door, with Julia behind her, who is now glued to her.
Anna: How did you know we were coming?
Tenam points his finger at the cat sitting on the chess board. They want to open the door but it’s stuck. They start to scream desperately, trying to get out.
Tenam: Such horror a living man brings to other living people?
Anna is hysterical and Julia cannot talk anymore.
Anna: He’s insane! You hear me? He’s insane, we have to get out of here!
Julia keeps nodding, looking at Anna with her eyes wide open.
Anna: Say something! Julia!
Julia: (whispers) Isn’t he the idiot taxi driver?
Anna: Is he? He can’t be!
Anna shakes the door handle with hysterical energy, while Julia curls up at her feet. With her hair fluttering from the effort she puts in opening the door, Anna turns around and runs into Tenam. In the other side of the house, there is a loud bang.
Anna: Has anyone else entered the house?
Tenam: It’s the wind! It slammed the porch door!
Julia: Sir, please don’t hurt us. We just came in to make a phone call…
Anna: To call a taxi. You know, we’re lost…
Tenam: We are dealing with a serious problem. Take a seat! My cat’s rats chewed the telephone line. I could give you a lift but they had my license suspended. What for? Failing to give way, running a red light, drunk driving, drug trafficking, murder, sexual harassment, deprivation of liberty and rape.
The girls scream and leap towards the door which doesn’t want to open. Tenam laughs amused and heads for them, but they desperately run to the other side. Tenam opens the door wide and goes to the girls.
Tenam: Come on, get undressed!
The girls run to the door, which suddenly closes and the handle locks.
Tenam: Get undressed!
Tenam grabs some dry clothes from a closet.
Julia: Dumb bitch! It’s your fault!
Anna: Why me? What did I do?
Tenam: (throws them the dry clothes): Come on, girls, you’ll catch a cold!”

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