Has love become obsolete lately?


Yesterday I was traveling by train to the end of Europe to visit the ocean and I was sitting next to a beautiful African woman and her daughter. The daughter asked her mother how she can conquer a young man she loves very much.
The mother asked: Does he love you too?
The daughter: I don’t think so. He doesn’t even notice me.
The mother: That’s sad! In this case, use money, it works faster and easier.
The young girl gazed at her mother surprised: Do you mean to pay him to love me?
With a sincere smile, the mother replied: Of course, sweetheart. You don’t have enough time to waste. Life is short, believe me. Don’t waste your time trying to convince people to feel or to think like you. You can simply buy his love, consume this story and move on to the next story where things will probably be the other way round. To love somebody that loves you back is rare. Sometimes it happens though.
The daughter was confused, irritated and had a hateful look in her eyes. Was that her mother advising her?

The mother noticed her daughter’s expression and went on: Love, hatred, envy, jealousy are feelings that we carry like huge pieces of luggage and when we get tired, we try to burden the others with them. We say: “Take my love, unburden me and as long as you host it, dance like a monkey, do as I say.” Isn’t that right, my dear? You’d like him to carry your dreams, your love, your desires… Then, you will get scared not to lose him. Do you know why? Because he’ll be caring your assets, and you won’t be afraid of losing him, you’ll be afraid you won’t know where your luggage is. Because you invested him to carry a burden that does not belong to him but to you. You think that love is a valuable thing, which you can deposit on another person as if that person was a Swiss bank where you put your values and you want them back with interest.
The daughter: How did you end up like this, mother?
The mother: Wasting too much time trying to use the same currency. To get the most out of this life, you have to move fast. Know the circumstances and act quickly. Don’t hate me for what I’m telling you, you have no time for hatred and I’m not going to carry your hatred on my shoulders so, don’t even try to burden me with your hatred.
The mother’s command was harsh and the daughter swiftly jumped into another topic. I was wondering if love has become obsolete lately. I liked the woman’s speech, it was straight and powerful and, broadly speaking, she was right. Any feeling, no matter how much we attach to it, consume too much energy and, after all, the only thing that matters is the way we sort out a situation. Better to chase the problem, not the emotion and get to the point while we enjoy the beautiful feeling of love.


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