The Training of Joy


We are passing through a tunnel of mirrors, we mirror every person or life situation, everything is just a projection of ourselves and we must take it as such. Just as we cannot entirely see ourselves physically without a mirror, we can only perceive our true identity as it is reflected by the people around us.

This identity, however, is built by others and does not belong to us, it’s just a collage of all life events and encounters with other people. I believe there comes a time in one’s life when we have to discard everything that does not belong to us and consciously create our own identity. The mechanical repetition of what we have seen or heard is insufficient. We are here to receive an “inheritance” to work with and then change it into a valuable new thing. Only then we can discover our true identity, give the world something new and return our gratitude to those who have invested in us.

Sandra is searching for her flight instructor in a parallel world helped by a Tibetan and a few Buddhist principles. Will she find him dead or alive?

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