A Place in Kitami

A few years ago, I visited Kitami, a beautiful city on Hokkaido Island, Japan. While I was eating a delicious traditional cake on the terrace of a coffee shop, near a Buddhist monastery, two monks passed, and my thoughts stopped for a few moments, admiring their magical walk.
After two years, wasting my time in my father’s yard one evening, drinking a glass of wine on his terrace, I noticed that the license numbers of the two cars parked outside his house resembled geographical coordinates. Out of sheer curiosity, I checked the spot where those two coordinates met on the map. I was astounded to see that they intersected in Kitami, Hokkaido, Japan, very close to the place I had seen those two monks, a few years ago. Not long after, this story came to my mind, and it seemed that it had written itself.
”A Place in Kitami” is a story about a Japanese Buddhist monk who was born together with a demon that he keeps locked in an isolated place at the monastery he runs. He asks his disciple, Yokota, to bring him the demon in the exact moment of his death. Will Yokota be worthy of his mission?



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