Rays of Heavens and Hells


Under the title “Rays of Heavens and Hells”, I published two of my short stories that I have already released as eBooks.

The first one, “A Place in Kitami”, is a story about a Japanese Buddhist monk who was born together with a demon that he keeps locked in an isolated place at the monastery he runs. He asks his disciple, Yokota, to bring him the demon in the exact moment of his death. Will Yokota be worthy of his mission?

The second one, “Aviatrices”, is a story inspired by the legendary “White Squadron”, a unit formed exclusively of female pilots, which became famous after the aviatrices saved over ten thousand soldiers during WWII picking them up from the battlefield with their white single-engine airplanes. The plot you are about to read is made up to serve the purpose of a short story. However, the characters resemble the real pilots, and you will find out a bit of the true history of each of them.



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