The Training of Joy

Profil 2

A conformist actor, who wants a traditional family, a drunkard and misogynist flight instructor, and a wise air traffic controller are the three men in Sandra’s life. She loves them all in different ways.

When the actor, her husband, wants to divorce, Sandra feels devastated and tries to convince him to stay married. However, he is jealous of the flight instructor and Sandra’s new passion, the flying. At the same time, he is also in love with a young actress.

The flight instructor, a charming, intelligent, and adventurous man proves to be a drunkard and an incurable misogynist.

Three dramatic deaths and a painful divorce, leaves Sandra in confusion, unable to cope with the events that happen too fast in her life.

A third man appears, an air traffic controller from Zürich, who catches Sandra’s attention telling her that she lacks the training of the mental states of well-being and a new love story begins. While she attempts to attune to her entire existence, to understand her attachments and possessiveness, and to start training her joyfulness, she slowly realizes that she is just a mirror, changing every time she is in a relationship with a man, to please her partner. First, she was an actress, then, she changes her path and tries to become an airline pilot. However, when the air traffic controller enters her life, she follows his calling, a calling that seems to come from beyond the world.

Many dramatic moments, a few touching love scenes, and a journey into a parallel world will keep the reader in a roller coaster of emotions, being able to dive into Sandra’s inner world and experience the intimacy of a passionate woman who knows how to love. At the same time, the reader will witness the mental process of a person whose mind conflicts with her feelings.



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