White supremacy? Who are we fighting?

What are you doing people? This Afro American movement has become offensive to the so many white people who are NOT racist, who helped millions of Africans, refugees, immigrants. Really, what are you doing? What about the millions of mixed children? We don’t live in the past anymore, many of you have mixed with all sorts of races and all over the world, there are millions of mixed children and youngsters. Do you teach them to hate the white blood in their veins? Are you going to start a war in your children’s inner world? Between brothers, one mixed with white, the other with Asian or African blood? Do you turn them against each other?

What is so unnatural to exist “white supremacy” in countries where white people have ruled for centuries? Why do you label us like this? Maybe you should take a trip to Africa and Asia and remember how the African or Asian supremacy looks like. Go only for a week, and if you don’t have the money to travel, take a mental trip in history and remember all the atrocities all races did, not only one, this one that now seems the villain of the world. You punish us all for the deeds a few rotten apples and forget all the benefits you have and all the white people who helped, invested, fought for your causes.

Do you enjoy being victims? Do you want us all to suffer because you suffer from the memories of the past? This Coronavirus holiday didn’t do much good for you. Instead of seeing how the world evolved for the better, you drag us all in history. Tell me that no white man ever died by the hand of a black person. Tell me that no white or Asian woman was ever raped by a black man. Tell me that you are flawless and you have always been. You turn the world upside down for the injustice of a few white people that have punished only perfect black or Asians.

What do you seek? Revenge? You might label us as white supremacy, the privileged ones, but let’s not forget that we are privileged in certain circumstances, and in others, you are the privileged ones. But when you label us like this, you label your children as victims and teach them how to behave in the future. You only extend the history placing this fight on the shoulders of your children and especially, you destroy the souls of your mixed children.

And you, white people? When you march with them at endless out of proportion demonstrations, you fight against who? Yourself? If you are there, obviously, you are NOT racist. Why are you there? Why do you feel guilty? You are the ones who helped them until now, you invested in them, you gave them jobs, isn’t it? You wouldn’t be there if you were racist.

I wonder many times why we cannot do the good by force. Why we can do evil by force, but for doing the good, we need so much diplomacy. People that don’t want to change will always manipulate us with their sadness, they will never see the bright side of life, the help, the investment, the time spent to for the good, they will only want to drag us in their unsolved problems. It is strange because, we, the rest of us who seem the privileged ones, work unbelievably hard to drag these people in a better world that takes time to build, and personally, I cannot ignore the evolution. Maybe out of selfishness, we do our best to drag them into evolution, on the bright side of our accomplishments, to enjoy our good mood, or maybe out of generosity, trying to share our good mood and accomplishments. I notice that no matter how much the white people, the privilege ones, endeavor to share their progress, their work, their land, their good state of mind with them, no matter how much we try to integrate them in our lives, some of them still endeavor even harder to stay on the bleak side of life. This makes me think that is not justice that they are seeking.

I’m sure that those who truly want to succeed in life are now at work, studying, or watching themselves in the mirrors wondering how they can put their efforts into creating a better world and not fighting, demonstrating, screaming their lungs out. And I’m sure that these people that I’m talking about are from all the nations, races, genders, or religions. It’s very fashionable these days to march for any issue that you dislike. The only question is: do you have enough time to sort out your mess if you keep on flooding the streets for every little thing you dislike? Do you have enough time to work for evolution, if you protest every single time against some sort of injustice happened on the Planet? Haven’t we hired judges, lawyers, and prosecutors for that?



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