Let’s answer to Muhammad Ali

Muhammad Ali: ‘Why is everything white?’

Boxing legend Muhammad Ali, who died in 2016, explained how he used to ask his mother about white representation in an interview with Parkinson in 1971.

He said he was a curious child who noted the plethora of white objects and people, including in literature, media, and even household products and wondered why black people weren’t represented in the same way.

As well as a sportsman, Mr. Ali was a civil rights campaigner and poet who transcended the bounds of sport, race, and nationality.



Seven friends sent me in messenger a video with an interview with Muhammad Ali, which has been shared thousands of times lately. Because I don’t have the rights to share it here, I added a link from the BBC. Finding this video in my messenger for seven times, obviously, I realized that I made a name as a racist for some of them, though, if they bothered to read my books, they would have noticed that I included all races, genders, religions, and many nations in my stories.

Apart from his undisputable humor and his greatness as an athlete, Mr. Muhamad Ali forgot one little detail in his speech. All the stories he talked about were written or invented by white writers. How would it be to complain that Buddha is Indian, Mulan is Chinese and all the Gods in Asian religions are Asians? Of course, when white people set up events like the Oscar, Miss World, Miss Universe, the Olympics, it is common sense that they will cast in their events their own people.

Black people have their rich people, their inventors, writers, directors, businesspersons. They don’t need white people to set up restaurants to eat. They can set up their restaurants, which they did by the way, and serve as many hotdogs as they want.

I’ve seen many films written and directed by Afro-Americans. I am a fan of diversity and periodically, I choose a different race or nation to study. Once, I liked to watch the Africans work in cinema. At some point, I got tired because in all their productions they complained about their condition. Useless to mention that I didn’t notice many white actors in their productions.

As long as they only rely on white people’s inventions, they will be unhappy. Africa is probably the richest continent on Earth. African people, whether they live in Africa, America, or Europe have among them many talents in all fields. I’m waiting to see them giving the world their talents and not their complaints.

Facebook and probably other social media networks, started to delete content. I foresee a future in which the right of speech will be censured. For as long as I still can say what I want, I say again, too many complaints, too often throwing the guilt from one to the other. We all have a cruel history, no need to emphasize it every day.

I do like African people, the same way I like Caucasians, Asians, and Native Americans. However, the story of George Floyd is incoherent and as a person that wrote a few stories, I’m obsessed with the coherency of the stories. What I dislike about this story is that some people turned a criminal into a hero. That could set a bad example for the young generation. Some youngsters might think that it is not important how you live, but how you die.

Muhammad Ali

Links to my books. In every one of them, I have characters from other races, religions, and nations.

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