World’s Pandemic Chronicles

Simulare 1

The Year of 2020. For the first time in history, we live together a Global Pandemic. The outbreak of the Coronavirus locked us all in our houses for months. We chose to write. Nana Iavorsky Cnejevici, Istanbul, Turkey, Olga Bălan, Rome, Italy, Andra Ticărău, Bucharest, Romania, Dragoș Pop, Cluj-Napoca, Romania, Michelle Macias, Ciudad de Mexico, Mexico, Ramona Dumitrean, Cluj-Napoca, Romania, Alina Orășanu, Boston, USA, Santiago Chirino, Ciudad de Mexico, Mexico, Acna Samskiescu, London, UK, Dan Mecu, Brăila, Romania, Mihaela Maier, Scarborough, UK, Kunal Rajput, New Delhi, India, Bianca Opriș, Brussels, Belgium, Mihaela Gaicu, Bucharest, Romania, George Smarandache, Slatina, Romania, Sandie Michaels, Bucharest, Romania, Claudiu Neacșu, Tecuci, Romania, Sabina Hesse, Los Angeles, USA, Michael Angus, New York, USA, Mihaela Stoica, Siena, Italy, Serban Hesse, Nurnberg, Germany, Lucia Lobonț, Bucharest, Romania, Max Petropoulos, Athens, Greece, Livia Negulescu, Cluj-Napoca, Romania, Zaid Khan, Agra India, Lucia Davis, Auckland, New Zealand, Cornel Nemeș, Reno, Nevada, USA, Tenzin Tsundue, Dharamshala, India, Sandra Sanada, Bucharest, Romania, Takahiro Hatake, Tokyo, Japan, Asmaa Arafa, Cairo, Egypt, Mihai Ivanof, Dubai, United Arab Emirates, Monica Loloiu, Bucharest, Romania, Bruno Carrier, Paris, France

We are all into this! 33 Isolated Humans from around the Globe, 33 Authentic Quarantine Stories. Don’t miss the “World’s Pandemic Chronicles” The diary of each of us!

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