My one-woman march for Tibet, in solidarity with Tenzin Tsundue

A writer with a cause, Tenzin Tsundue, my friend and co-author at “World’s Pandemic Chronicles” is on a 500 kilometers march on foot from Dharamshala to Delhi to raise awareness of the occupation of his country, Tibet. He reminds me of Haruki Murakami who used to run for miles between his writing sessions. However, Tenzin is marching for a cause and you can help him by signing the petition below (Just sign it. Tenzin is NOT looking for donation):

Petition Support Tenzin Tsundue asking PM Modi to repeal ‘One China Policy’ acknowledgement by India & Walk a Mile for #Tibet! (

This is my one-woman march in Bucharest, Romania, in solidarity with Tenzin Tsundue. I walked for only six or seven kilometers and wore the Tibetan flag on my mask. Here, in Romania, I couldn’t find a Tibetan flag, which made me think that I should bring a few.

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