Antrenamentul Bucuriei

Am publicat prin Coresi Publishing House, romanul ”Antrenamentul Bucuriei”, o carte pe care o prezint în acest video, printr-o mică meditație despre iubire, o scurtă prezentare a subiectului, a temei și supratemei poveștii și un fragment pe care vi-l citesc chiar eu. 🙂 Dacă doriți să o citiți, o puteți comanda telefonic sau prin emailul publicat mai jos.…

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Aviatoarele/Aviatrices, o poveste artistică inspirată de legendara Escadrilă Albă, ediție bilingvă în română și engleză. Autoare: Sandra Sanada, coperta: Oana Stanciu, corecturi în română și engleză: Livia Negulescu. Dacă doriți această carte, scrieți un mesaj pe pagina de Facebook The White Squadron sau la email:

Aviatoarele/Aviatrices, an artistic story inspired by the legendary White Squadron, a bilingual edition in Romanian and English. Author: Sandra Sanada, Cover: Oana Stanciu, proofreading in Romanian and English: Livia Negulescu. If you want to order this book, write a private message on the Facebook page The White Squadron or email:

My one-woman march for Tibet, in solidarity with Tenzin Tsundue

A writer with a cause, Tenzin Tsundue, my friend and co-author at “World’s Pandemic Chronicles” is on a 500 kilometers march on foot from Dharamshala to Delhi to raise awareness of the occupation of his country, Tibet. He reminds me of Haruki Murakami who used to run for miles between his writing sessions. However, Tenzin is marching for a cause and you can help him by signing the petition below (Just sign it. Tenzin is NOT looking for donation):

Petition Support Tenzin Tsundue asking PM Modi to repeal ‘One China Policy’ acknowledgement by India & Walk a Mile for #Tibet! (

This is my one-woman march in Bucharest, Romania, in solidarity with Tenzin Tsundue. I walked for only six or seven kilometers and wore the Tibetan flag on my mask. Here, in Romania, I couldn’t find a Tibetan flag, which made me think that I should bring a few.

Losar Tashi Delek 2021

The Tibetan New Year, called (Feast of) Losar, is celebrated this year on February 12, 2021. We then enter the 2148th year of the Tibetan calendar, which is the year under the sign of the Metal Ox.

The holiday begins on the twenty-ninth day of the twelfth Tibetan month (February 10, 2021), Tibetans – after thoroughly cleaning their homes take the “Soup of the 29th day” called Gouthouk.

This soup is made from dumplings of wheat flour, meat and radish. In this soup, some balls will be stuffed with symbols such as: a white pebble, wool or charcoal, etc.

What is the symbolism of these inedible ingredients?

The white pebble reflects a pure thought, therefore positive and to be kept for the new year.

Wool is a slow and soft material, but anything that is sluggish we must avoid for this new year, however, the softness, of course, we must preserve.

Charcoal means our thinking is black, therefore negative, and we have to reject this facet for the new year.

The Tibetan writer and activist Tenzin Tsundue chose February 12, the Tibetan New Year Losar to start a one-man march, 500 kilometers walk from Dharamshala to Delhi, which will conclude on March 10, the Tibetan National Uprising Day. Tenzin will lead a global campaign, petitioning different head of states to repeal their One-China policy and recognize Tibet, East Turkestan and Southern Mongolia as occupied countries, as well as support Hong Kong struggle for democracy and the independence of Taiwan.

Pankaj Mishra described Tenzin in The New York Times as ‘the new and the most visible face’ of the ‘restless children of the Dalai Lama.’ He has been fighting and protesting against the unjust occupation of Tibet for decades.

We wish him a successful journey and praise him for the effort of never giving up the fight for a free Tibet.

If you want to read his brilliant article he wrote for “World’s Pandemic Chronicles”, here you have the link:

Conversation and Reading from “World’s Pandemic Chronicles”

Three of the writers of “World’s Pandemic Chronicles”, Sandra Sanada from Bucharest, Romania, Nana Iavorschi Cnejevici, from Istanbul, Turkey, and Asmaa Arafa, a PhD student and assistant researcher at the National Research Center in Cairo, Egypt, met online to speak about the effects of the pandemic, the giving-receiving concept, the tolerance to change and other interesting topics in this fifty minutes meeting during which they also read a snippet of their articles.

You can order and read the English version of “World’s Pandemic Chronicles” from Amazon or buy it from Cărturești bookstores to read „Cronicile Pandemiei Globale”, the Romanian language version.

How India and Romania coped with the pandemic. An Indian and Romanian perspective

Six of the writers of “World’s Pandemic Chronicles”, Sandra Sanada, Tenzin Tsundue, Kunal Rajput, Zaid Khan, Monica Loloiu and Acna Samskiescu, had the honor of conversating with Mr. Rahul Shrivastava, the ambassador of India to Romania, Moldova and Albania, about this raging pandemic and the art of writing. Mr. Shrivastava, a writer himself, with many published books, joined the webinar “How India and Romania coped with the pandemic. An Indian and Romanian perspective.” We thank him for that.
“World’s Pandemic Chronicles”, the book that gathers 33 stories from around the world about the global pandemic, is available on Amazon, in both formats, eBook and paperback. Whichever you’d like to have, please check it on Amazon. World’s Pandemic Chronicles: 33 Quarantine Stories from around the Globe eBook: Writers, 33 , Sanada, Sandra, Iavorschi Cnejevici, Nana , Samskiescu, Acna , Loloiu, Monica , Pop, Dragos , Tsundue, Tenzin , Carrier, Bruno , Stanciu, Oana , Djoken, Guy : Kindle Store

“World’s Pandemic Chronicles” book launch in New Zealand

The first launch of our book, “World’s Pandemic Chronicles” took place in New Zealand, at the beginning of the world. Writer Lucia Davis, from Auckland, organized the event along with her wonderful husband, William Davis. The writer and coordinator of the project, Sandra Sanada and writer George Smarandache, took part virtually at this event.